I am a web developer.
I do fancy things on the internet.
But who are you?

Computers scare me
I can make things look good, but code is beyond me
I've used something like Wordpress or Squarespace before
I'm comfortable with a bit of HTML
My first language is code

It's ok, I can translate computer for you!

If you’re completely new to all things web, or glaze over when people start talking in letters like CMS or SEO or URL, I’m here to translate from human to machine and back again. I will sit down with you and talk through your needs in the most general of terms, and offer you some choices in the plainest language possible. I’ll even enjoy it!

The world of internet can be very daunting, but I’ll talk you through the entire process - everything you need to do to end up with a website and anything else you might need. I will never oversell to you, and you are free to walk away with my advice and get the work done elsewhere.

From idea to website

You have a cool idea, but you need to work out how to show it off in the best light. No problem! Tell me about your idea, where you would like to go with it, and I’ll help you work out what sort of web presence you might need. I’m all about giving people options, with detailed breakdowns of what they mean.

Isn't all that tech stuff complicated?

Yes, it is - but you don’t have to delve into all of that! I will work completely within your comfort zone, and will help you with any complicated lingo you might come across. When I am finished you will have a fully functioning website or app that you can edit at will without ever having to see any code!

My work

  • FujiFilm X-T1 Launch site for the FujiFilm X-T1
  • Ethology Ethology - gathering data
  • Yorkshire Tea An interactive site for Yorkshire Tea
  • FujiFilm X World A social site for FujiFilm users
  • Interflora Bespoke bouquet creation for Interflora
  • FujiFilm X-M1 Launch site for the FujiFilm X-M1
  • PupilAsset PupilAsset - school management software
  • FujiFilm X-A1 Launch site for the FujiFilm X-A1